Utopia Planitia

Utopia Planitia, or "The Plains of Utopia", is a mostly flat region in the northeastern hemisphere of Mars. It's where the Viking 2 probe landed on September 3, 1976. And it's the location of the Utopia Planitia Colony run by a corporation of the same name.

  • 06-1-10-01: Mariner 4 Flyby
  • 08-2-02-25: Apollo 11 Moon Landing
  • 12-1-08-17: Viking 2 Lands on Utopia Planitia
  • 23-1-10-03: Pathfinder Lands
  • 25-2-05-29: Odyssey Orbits Mars
  • 31-1-10-19: Curiosity Lands
  • 51-2-03-08: Climate Control Systems Manage Earth’s Climate
  • 62-2-09-26: Mars Terraforming Begins
  • 66-2-07-33: Utopia Planitia Colony Founded
  • 67-1-10-01: Earth Climate Control Systems Fail
  • 68-1-10-09: Earth Falls
  • 89-1-01-26: The Death of Jeremy Reyes
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Current Status:
S1 Pre-Production

The core team for Utopia Planitia Season 1 is in place and we’re working simultaneously on preparing for production in December and financing the whole thing. Our goal is to launch our crowdfunding efforts in November and raise approximately $25,000. We’ll be reaching out to you soon!

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