Utopia Planitia
Utopia Planitia
We made a heaven of hell and a hell of heaven

Utopia Planitia is a series under development from a team led by filmmaker George Reese. It's an epic storyline told in short, 5 to 10 minute episodes that draw you into both characters and action.

It begins as a murder/mystery. An executive for the company that governs the only colony on Mars has died. It looks like natural causes, but we know that it's murder.

Season 1 opens with three separate investigations into his death and the invevitable fallout. The season will take us "back in time" to Earth where we will witness, first-hand, the planet's fall from climate change disaster. And we'll finish the season on the open plains of Utopia Planitia with another possible murder on our hands.

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Current Status:
A Busy May and June

We’ve shot the pilot episode and used it to help raise funs and get publicity. It’s currently doing very well in the film festival circuit. We are the third-ranked pilot in the Web Series World Cup. Who knows where we would be if it had been ready in time for the first couple of festivals of 2019!

In February, we successfully raise over $15,000 in crowdfunding and other efforts.

Now we’re busy getting ready to make this world real. We will be launching the series on Seeka TV in January 2020.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our Seed&Spark campaign!

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